5 uniquely brewed all-day e-liquids for flavours like nothing else out there!

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Which Fruit Concoction Will You Choose?

Our potion masters have been toiling over bubbling cauldrons to conjure forth spellbinding flavours that twist and turn with each hit.

Jinx’s e-liquids are crafted using totally unique methods to achieve flavours that can’t be beaten. Thanks to their ‘black magic’ and unique formulations, our flavour developers are proud to present fruit flavours that taste unlike anything else out there! Dare you try them all?

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Enchanting Fruit Flavour Combos

All-Day Flavours For Every Day Vaping
Jinx Banana Apricot Flavour Eliquid

Banana & Apricot

Let tropical notes of Banana and sweet Apricot take control in this totally original e-liquid. Dizzyingly delicious.

Jinx Raspberry Rhubarb Flavour Eliquid

Raspberry & Rhubarb

Captivate your taste buds with this fusion of sweet Raspberry and subtly tart Rhubarb. Bursting with bewitching flavour.

Jinx Pineapple Grapefruit Flavour Eliquid

Pineapple & Grapefruit

Luscious Pineapple and sharp Grapefruit mingle in this unmistakably exotic flavour concoction. Magnificently mind-blowing.

Jinx Blueberry Cherry Flavour Eliquid

Blueberry & Cherry

A hypnotic flavour which sees ravishing notes of Blueberry and Cherry meet for a classically refreshing mix. Spellbindingly sweet.

Jinx Blackberry & Pear Flavour Eliquid

Blackberry & Pear

Mesmerising notes of Blackberries and Pear join forces in an e-liquid so rich it’s almost dessert-like! Effortlessly entrancing.

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We've “Blessed” a few lucky bottles with Winning Jinx Voodoo Dolls in either Bronze, Silver, or Gold via a scratch-to-win panel.

You’ll be able to find your bottle’s individual code underneath this panel. To reveal your prize, simply enter this code online at, or just notify staff if your bottle was purchased in a physical vaping store.

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