Shortfill Eliquids

Shortfill e-liquids are 50ml or 100ml bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid designed for sub-ohm devices. Shortfills are named as such because they are filled to around an 80% capacity, leaving an extra 20% for optional 10ml nicotine boosters known as nicotine shots.  

These types of e-liquids are in compliance with the UK and European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) legislation, which states that the maximum size for e-liquids containing nicotine must be 10ml. 

What are the benefits of shortfill e-liquids?

Since shortfill e-liquids do not contain nicotine, they can conveniently be sold at any size. This is a huge advantage for vapers, allowing them to stock up on all of their favourite flavours in larger quantities! Another reason as to why shortfills are so popular among vapers is because they offer a greater level of control when it comes to nicotine content. In fact, with these e-liquids, you can choose to vape with nicotine or without. The choice is entirely up to you! 

Which strength nicotine should I buy?

Nicotine shots are available in an array of strengths, from 3mg to 20mg. For reference, 12mg is around the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. If you consider yourself to be a light smoker or a new vaper, we best recommend starting with 3mg nicotine shots. 

For 3mg of e-liquid, simply add two 10ml 18mg nic shots to your shortfill. Once you’ve tried this amount, you can increase or decrease the strength until you feel satisfied with the level of nicotine. 

While 10mg and 20mg strengths are only available as nicotine salts, they can still be mixed into your shortfill e-liquid. Available in 10ml bottles, nicotine salts contain a salt form of nicotine derived from the tobacco leaf. Despite the name of these e-liquids, they do not taste salty, but rather offer vapers a smoother throat hit. Nic salts absorb into the human body  quicker than standard freebase nicotine. 

What are the most popular shortfill flavours?

With such a broad choice of individual e-liquids to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on a favourite flavour! After all, as taste buds differ from vaper to vaper, the best e-liquid flavour for you will be dependent on your own preferences. 

However, fruit e-liquids are considered to be among the most popular flavour varieties. At Jinx E-liquid, we’ve recognized this trend and have developed five wickedly good fruit e-liquid flavours that you just have yet to try! With our collection, you can expect fresh waves of luscious flavour with each hit, with both classic garden fruit and exceptionally exotic blends to choose from. 

How do you Mix Nicotine Shots into Shortfill E-liquids?

Adding nicotine shots to your shortfill e-liquid couldn’t be easier! Simply unscrew the lid, take off the cap, then squeeze in your preferred amount. Once the bottle’s lid has been securely reattached, make sure to shake the bottle for even flavour. Next, fill up your tank and vape away! For the best flavour, always remember to clean your tank in between changing e-liquids, and store your shortfill bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

All of Jinx’s premium quality e-liquids are available as 0mg 100ml shortfills in a 70VG/30PG ratio. Discover our mesmerising collection today!